to the park we go

We fed ducks and geese.

Nana came with us. (my mother)

"Here duck!"

"Oh hello, new friend."

One of my sisters helping Addie. (14 years between us)

My nephew...he was smiling at me...I crack him up apparently :o)

A goose!

Our park has other animals...like this deer that I fed leftover bread to.

"Hello deer."

We tried to feed the young buffalo but he kinda scared us...I think we kinda scared him too.

Nana with her second grandchild.

We love the donkeys.

"Hello donkey."
My younger siblings put bread on the donkey's head and the other donkey's back.
Silly kids.

Addie was a little scared of the donkey being so close.

One of my other beautiful sisters.
That little guy there is the youngest of my siblings (5 yrs)...there are 19 years between him and I. Mom and Dad had 4 girls and finally got there boy. There had not been a "name carrying" boy born on my Dad's side of the family for 42 years (we don't have a common last name...yikes...close call). :o)

He was getting sleepy.

Nana is so comfy.

So sleepy.


Emily said...

To cute! What a lovely day at the park. Your mom looks so young.

Anna Marie said...

I love that park. We have been going there since I was little and my mother went there when she was little as well.

Yes my mother does look young. She gets that ALL the time. She could pass for my older sister half the time. She will be 46 at the end of May.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

What a wonderful day in the park. Addie is just so precious and I just have to say that your mom is lovely. she has such a youthfulness about her. What a gift.

Anonymous said...

Now that was a nice outing and everyone is so cute! Also, your mom looks extremely young. How lucky!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Hi there, just popping over from Mom Bloggers Club. Your daughter is adorable!