this is what happens...

...when you find out that one of the children you babysit was diagnosed with RSV. In case you didn't already know, RSV is highly contagious, especially in the first few days.

I spent an entire evening washing toys.

Whatever couldn't go into the dishwasher was hand washed with a bleach water solution. And then sprayed down with Lysol.

Fun stuff.

I took Addison to the doctor to make sure that she doesn't have it. She's good. Apparently too old to get it severely.

I didn't realize that older kids and adults get RSV on a regular basis. It's only bad if the individual is an infant. It can even be fatal for infants.

Have you ever dealt with RSV?

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Emily said...

Oh no! I hope mine never gets it. I would be scared to death!!!

Glad she didn't get it,