the day she "glittered" the house red

Don't worry, that's not blood.

Today, Miss Addie thought it would be fun to get into Mommy's craft drawer. Usually when this happens she can't make a very big mess...but not today. Oh no, today was a different story! She was able to open a brand new bottle of sealed (mind you) red glitter.

Want to know the funny part?

I was only 2 feet away from her when it happened!

I hear, "Uh-Oh!"...I look at her and for a split second thought she was bleeding.

But then I see this...

Oh yeah, that's just peachy!

She kept slowly backing away and saying, "uh-oh" over and over again.

(Keep in mind that I also had my babysitting kids {15 months and 4 years} during this fiasco!)

So I stick the 15 month old in the high chair before he tramples in the red shininess on my kitchen floor. The four-year-old is pretty much just doing her own thing...I didn't have to worry about her.

I put Addie in the tub because I assumed that the easiest way to get it off of her was to give her a bath.

Ugh, no...not one of my better ideas.

In fact, glitter just sticks to your skin with even more tenacity when it gets wet.

So after scrubbing and scrubbing I finally decide that it is as good as it is going to get. She will have traces of red glitter on her for quite some time as well as my floors.

If anyone asks...I get very excited about Valentine's day. So excited in fact that I decorate my child.

My floor was mopped recently and I couldn't bare to just suck all of that beautiful glitter up in my vacuum so I piled it up, pinched and poured it back into its container. The rest...well...let's just say...my vacuum is currently prettier on the inside than on the out.

p.s. Did I mention that I found glitter in Addie's belly button, between her toes, in her ear and in her diaper?


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I am not going to laugh becaues that will jinx me and my boys will do that tomorrow....and I dont want that. But at least now I know not to put them in the tub. Thanks!

Kate said...

Strangely, this makes me even more excited to have kids! The "uh-ohs" had me and Garret laughing our butts off. And what an amazing mommy you are to have stayed calm and laughed at the situation.

cherry said...

OHHH that glitter gets everywhere...I still find it here and there. Yes that is paper on my little cansisters. cherry