little girl, big chair and ditching

When I walked in and saw this I ran for the camera.
So sweet and so precious.
She loves that dolly.
It's her baby.

That same night Daddy and Mommy decided that it was time to ditch the binkie. We had been discussing it for a couple of weeks and my John decided that we would try it "cold turkey". At bedtime she was confused, I could tell. She asked for it. Then she cried and asked for it. She finally fell asleep after about 20 minutes of crying and whining.

The next day, her and I spent the day together and she kept saying (in a crying, pathetic kind of way that makes you feel so sorry for her), "I wannamabinkie!"

Yes, it did all run together like that.

After that initial day she seemed to be doing okay except when it was bedtime. She was having major withdrawals and a very difficult time falling asleep.

She has been crying for at least 25 minutes, if not longer every night.

My heart has been aching for her. It is just as hard for me to deprive her of that comfort as it is for her to not have it.

Last night was particularly difficult for some reason. She simply would not stop crying. John had already fallen asleep and there I lay, wide awake, listening to my baby cry. I finally got up...and...I caved...I'm sorry, but I did. I got that darn thing out of the drawer and I gave it to her. And then I took her in and rocked her, sang to her and cuddled her.

When I put her in her crib she instantly fell asleep.

For now, she can have it at night. She will sleep, I will sleep and I my heart won't ache quite so much.


alyssa said...

Don't worry! My son is 8 & still sucks his thumb with his bear! For some wierd-o reason, I think it's cute : )

Emily said...

I just left you a couple of awards on my blog. Stop by and check them out. :)

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Hi Anna! It's been a while since we "spoke". I cannot believe how big Addie has gotten! OMGosh, she is a doll!
I've never had binkie issues since I never gave one to any of my kids, however I've heard how difficult it is to wean them away. I'd imagine it's a bit like weaning my kids from breast feeding. It's tough and I wish you lots of luck and that Addie will eventually let it go. Hugs as I know it's so hard to hear our "hearts" cry. Hugs to Addie too.

the wild raspberry said...

What a cutie...rock 'em while you can! It goes so fast.

Andrew Clarke said...

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