Yeah, so this isn't cool...

Here it is 5am and I have been up since 1:30. Little Miss Addy fell asleep super early (6:30pm) because she hadn't had a nap yet. She slept in this morning until 11:30!!! Then she went and played at Nana's house and on the way home fell asleep. I made the BIG mistake of thinking that she would just go ahead and sleep all night so I never woke her up. Uh, yeah, not the best decision there Anna! She woke us up playing and talking to herself in her bed.

At least I got some cleaning and laundry done, at the crack of dawn.

Get this...while I was switching a load of laundry over Addy snuck into my craft stuff. I turn the corner to find my daughter with something black all over the end of her nose, her lips and her hands. Guess what it was? Yep, a black ink pad. Nice, huh?

On another note, I finally got on the Twitter bandwagon (yes I know, I am way behind). You can follow me on Twitter. My name is AnnaBubbles. I hope, I hope, I hope you will follow me...PLEASE! :D


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Gotta hate ink on the face...that stuff wont come off, UGH. I sure hope you can get a nap with your little one today, it sounds like you will need one.

Emily said...

That ink thing might just be a rite of passage for toddlers!!
My son Wyatt has done that lots of times!!!
BTW...Since I won your award, you are now in my bookmarks!!! I really like your blog. And not just cuz I won the stash of coupons!!