We've got gas...

cheap gas, that is {grin}.

I just read on CNN.com that gas prices have continued to dip down. In fact, in the past 67 days gas has went down $1.926 which as reported by CNN is 50% less than the spike in July.

As always, the most expensive gas in our country can be found in Alaska...which dipped below $3/gallon today.

The cheapest gas, as reported by AAA, is right here in my home state...Missouri {happy dance}! Yea, I'm rubbing it in a little, I know. But hey, at least its cheaper for all of us, right?

Here in St. Joseph, MO we are down to $1.47! I can honestly say that I never thought it would get this low, EVER!

What state do you live in and how much is your gas?


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Yesterday we saw a gas station selling regular for $1.67. we are in South Jersey.

emily freeman said...

Hi Anna! I'm in North Carolina and our gas is $1.85 for regular. What's up with New Jersey having cheaper gas than us?! I thought everything was more expensive in the north!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Hi, I am in Florida and paid $1.81 yesterday for gas.

Tracy DeLuca said...

Hi, I am in Mississippi and gas right now is at $1.65 for regular.

Nicol said...

I know this is late for commenting on this post. For some reason I didn't know that you had another blog.

The lowest we got was to $1.31 here in Utah. We are slowly rising again, today we are at $1.57.