rainbow cake - hippy cake

I tried my hand at making the rainbow cake that is so popular on the web these days. I made this like 3 months ago and the pictures have just been sittin' on my computer. The above picture are the ingredients that I started with. I went based off of this post (you can find all the ingredients and directions on there).

Two boxes of white cake mix.
Mix in 24 oz of ginger ale or sprite.

I loved how the batter bubbled up so much when I poured the ginger ale in. Make sure you pour slowly. I had to "take a break" to let the fizz go down.

Divide your batter up as evenly as possible. I "roughly" used a measuring cup. I believe I started out with just one cup per bowl and then divided up the remainder evenly.

You need to use gel food coloring or Wilton icing colors to get a vivid color. Unless you want pastel shades...then just use regular food coloring liquid.

Now...if you are trying to go in order of the rainbow with the entire cake then you are going to have to use your thinker on this one...or just go to that link up there where she did the thinking for you. She divided it up with 3 colors in one pan and 3 in the other. But I just did all the colors in each pan but reversed the order. So my first pan I started with red on the bottom and went down the rainbow... It's as simple as ROY G BIV people...didn't you learn anything in school?!? :P

Then the next one I started with purple and went backwards...so VIB G YOR...ha!

I baked them according to the box for 2 - 9 inch pans.

Happy bowls!

For the frosting I tried something I had never done. You mix a big thing of Cool Whip with 2 boxes of instant vanilla pudding (also from the link above). My husband wasn't too fond of it, nor was I...but my sister loved it. It is worth the shot. I didn't color mine...but you can.

It is a little on the psychedelic side. My husband calls it the hippy cake :o)


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Have you made one yet?
~ Anna Marie


Emily said...

Cute!!! What a fun idea, I haven't seen that anywhere yet.

Hubby's aunt makes a variation of that frosting.
I don't remember exactly how she does it, but she uses lemon pudding and puts it on pound cake or angel food. And boy, I could eat just the frosting!!
It also makes a great fruit dip.

Kate said...

This looks so fun! I'm with you though, not a big fan of cool whip in general, so cool whip icing is never my favorite, but it looks fantastic!

Bea said...

Does the cake taste different since you use ginger ale? Looks like a fun cake.

Anna Marie said...

Thanks girls!

Not at all. It makes it really super moist and cuts out on the extra oil and fat. I tried a cake at a friend's one time and it was a chocolate cake made with dr. pepper...it was REALLY good. But I will say, when using sodas I recommend refrigerating the cake...tastes even better!

Jessica said...

I can see myself already with about 3 different colors on my teeth & tongue.

Emily said...

Thats so cool! I must try that sometime!!!!

Keri said...

Great job on the cake! Isn't it fun to make something SO BRIGHT. I am glad you tried it! And thanks for linking me!

alyssa said...

looks like a LOT of work!! but so beautiful!! on my to do list :)

Monica said...

I have to thank you for showing me how to do a rainbow with cake mix. Here is a pic of my creation, with your rainbow cake inside!