mega bottle caps

If you read Ali Edwards' blog or Meg's blog whatever...then perhaps you have heard of mega bottle caps. Last December Meg posted one of my favorite posts ever about things you can make for Christmas gifts. These totally awesome mega bottle caps were used to make one of those such gifts. I immediately tried to go order some for myself but they were out. I kept checking on mayaroad.com because that is who makes them. Needless to say after weeks of checking I finally contacted someone at Maya Road and they informed me that they would not be available until June 2009. Bummer!

But guess what?!?! They are available NOW!!! I am so excited! They were available the second or third week of May. I already ordered my batch. Now what are you waiting for!?! Go here to order your fun, today! :P
Meg's adorable creations!


Happy Friday!!!
~ Anna Marie

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