You gotta hear this one...

Before I tell you about the very scary and interesting night that I had, I must tell you that I apologize for not being a loyal blogger. The new year has proved to be very busy for us. I feel like I can never get caught up. Do any of you feel that way?

One huge thing that hangs over my head is finishing my daughter's 1st year scrapbook. I have done around 10 pages but haven't even gotten to her birth yet!!! I feel like a bad mother sometimes. I want her to at least have something memorable for her first year of life. After that I am sticking to photo albums. I might still scrapbook some of the major events in her life.

I just don't know how you mother's do it. Especially those of you that have more than one child!

I am so sorry that I didn't even put a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year post up. Shame on me!

Please forgive me :(


Okay, on to my crazy night........

This happened on Tuesday night. It was 10:00 and we were way past Addie's bedtime.

Before I go any further you must know why she did this. John and I tend to get several nosebleeds during this time of year. So it is no surprise to see us occasionally walking around with tissue in our noses (sorry if this is too graphic for you).

Well, Miss Addie has seen us this way and Tuesday night she got hold of a baby wipe, ripped a piece off and then stuck it in her nose. I saw her just as she stuck it in her right nostril and just as I went to grab it wouldn't you know that little stinker sniffed and up it went!!! I panicked! John stayed calm (thank you honey).

I ran (with Addie) to put her on the change table and tried to suck it out with one of those nose suckers. No success! I then grabbed a flashlight to see just how far it was back there.

It was way back there.

It looked like it was just a small piece. But there was no way I was going to dismiss it.

I called our local nurses' hot line. They asked me several questions and then told me that "she should be seen".

At this point I am thinking:
Can't we just go to the pediatrician tomorrow?
I have to go to the ER for this?
At this time of night?

I just knew I would be in there late...she wasn't dying so I was certain everyone else would go before us.

I called my mother. She suggested calling a dear friend of ours who is a nurse practitioner in our Pediatrician's office. (Why didn't I think of that?!?!)

I called her and she said come on over (bless her heart) and we will try and see what we can do. She had one of those light things with the magnifying glass on it as well as nasal forceps. The forceps were way too big for Addie's nose. She went to get something else and came back with a thing that they generally use to get a chunk of ear wax out with (again, sorry if it is graphic).

{Don't worry, she disinfected everything.}

We had to first let Addie get "acquainted" with Ruth and her house. Then I held her down while Ruth tried 3 times. No success! Then she asked her husband to come help us. It took about 8 tries and out it came. She was SCREAMING!!!

The piece of baby wipe was twice as big as I thought. The nurse told me that most parents don't know that their child has put something in their nose until they start smelling something (infection). I am so glad that I saw her do it. Now I am watching her like a hawk.

Do tell...has your little one ever put something in his or her nose?


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Nope...havent had that one yet. Im so glad that you found out before it became an issue. Poor baby!

Nicol said...

I'm grateful we haven't had this one yet!

But I have personally been seen at the ER when I was a child for putting dry macaroni in my nose and helped my sister put a large bead up her nose.

I still remember then trying to remove it and how scary it seemed at the time.