Kids, kids and more kids

My husband and two of his buddies decided that they wanted to have a cookout on Saturday...in 25 degree weather, mind you! We had it at one of their homes in a small Missouri town. Between the three families there were 8 kiddos. Addie and I got there late, the other two mamas were finishing up the cooking so I took it upon myself to have a little camera fun with the older (more compliant) children. They had been playing hard all day.

My Addie and the littlest one their (14 months)
wouldn't comply for some reason...can you imagine?!?! :o)

We were amazed that they were all looking in the camera on the one above.

Then they wanted to do their crazy faces.

They called this one their "kissie faces".
I don't think the boys were too big on that one.

And this one is their "cool face".
And finally...their "sleepy faces".

Kids are too much fun, huh?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Anna, you got some great pics of the kids! Their sleepy faces just crack me up! :D ttyl.