My Toddler LoVeS It

Have you had the pleasure of visiting Totlol.com? It is a lot like YouTube (in fact it is powered by them) except the videos are for children.

Let's face it, your kiddos should not be browsing YouTube without parental supervision. You never know what they will come across. Which is why it is great to know that all videos submitted on Totlol are screened and rated by parents.

My daughter (17 months) enjoys sitting on my lap and watching various videos. I watch two "after-school" kids (ages 11 & 8) that get a ton of laughs from the videos. Some are impressive music videos while others are simple, yet adorable, amateur videos of pets. You can even watch episodes of Tom and Jerry, Sesame Street and many others.

This video is one of my daughter's favorites. I am not a "rock music" fan at all, but for the most part I enjoy this video. I mostly love what it makes my daughter do. As soon as the music begins she throws one arm up in the air and begins moving it up and down and soon after her upper body follows and then the rest of her just sort of bounces along. It is so cute to see a toddler expressing herself through dance and music.

Here is the video. It's a little loud so make sure your speakers aren't up too high.

Though she enjoys most of the videos this one scares her to no end. As soon as he begins singing she balls and buries her face in my chest. But I think the video is cute.

This one does the same thing to her. :o(

If you are a regular visitor to Totlol please share the title of your favorite video with us in the comments section.

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