Thank you for stopping by to check out my new blog. I also blog over at Rusty Cottage--my "creative" blog. But, when I am not feeling all that "creative" or the house remodel is at a stand still, I will be here.

Being that I am a mother, a "degree-holding" educator and childcare provider I thought "why not have my own 'mommy blog'?" I imagine that posting to this blog will come more naturally to me (I can't imagine running out of topics). I love children and have a passion for finding fun and creative ways to help them develop sharp little minds. My days are full of children and with that comes boogers, bibs, books, bubbles and soooooo much more.

My hope is that you will feel welcome and comfortable here. I want to hear your creative ideas about teaching your children and/or grandchildren. I also want to hear about the "not so" fun things about your children...feel free to tell us about that one crazy day when all of your children decided to play in the toilet (yes, I have been there) or the day your child walked in with a "really cool rock" that was indeed a petrified lump of doggie doo.

Let's face it...kids are dirty. We can't hide the fact, nor can we ignore it. So let's embrace it.
But I promise you, I am still going to freak out when my daughter eats that cricket or licks our cat.


Tracy DeLuca said...

And on that note.... my youngest child woke me up this morning with a hand full of poop. Yes. He had been in his own diaper and was painting and thought he would share. SOooooooo much fun! I can still smell it.....

Welcome to blogging!

Anna Marie said...

You are kidding me?!?!?! Oh my, that is definitely not a pretty way to wake up. My toddler is starting to realize that she can pull those tabs off on her diaper. I pray that I don't experience anything like you had to.

Thanks for posting :o) Being a mommy is so much fun, huh?