christmas cookies at nana's

Our annual tradition of making cookies at Nana's house is always so much fun.

This year we invited a lot of other kids to come join in the fun.
It was a crazy, fun, messy, happy day!

Here are some pictures from that day!

.lots of sprinkles.

Addie rollin' some dough for the first time

lots of kiddos making cookies = big mess

one of my little sisters, Amber

.busy hands.

.we made itty bitty cookies too.

Addie and Mommy makin' cookies

This is Nana (my mom) with our first {poofy} batch to come out.

That lady down there is my Aunt Cammi...
she helped make it lots of fun for the kids.

Amber I think you have a "little bit" of flour on your face, shirt, apron...

.chillin' cookies, just waitin' to be iced.

.silly goose.

.concentrating on that cookie.

icing, icing, baby...
{why yes...yes I am a dork}

one of Amber's yummy cookies

Even the new little guy came over
I kept tryin' to get him to help me but he just kept sleeping.
Geez, it's like he is a newborn or somethin'

.some of the cookies that Addie and I decorated.

.look at all of those pretty cookies.

Aunt Cammi spent a lot of time on that one.
.too cute to eat.

.my Christmas tree.

We had a lot of fun!
The adults agreed that we needed more space.
Maybe next year we should rent a kitchen...ha!

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Kate said...

This looks fantastic! How fun! G and I are going to be making some cookies to bring home to our family.....and his will probably look interesting. Can you believe the boy really never got to do things like this as a child?

I cannot believe how big Addie is getting!