a healthy sandwich

My sister introduced me to this sandwich.
Its Ezekiel bread, with a layer of avocado, slivered almonds and alfalfa sprouts. That's it!
This sandwich is chock full of nutrients and good stuff.
The one she first made me was surprisingly wonderful.
But then when I tried to make one myself (the one in the photos) it was super bland.
I think my avocado wasn't ripe enough.
It helps if you mix a little salt in with your avocado. I'm just sayin'.
I know it makes it "less" nutritious, but you just might gag otherwise.
Try it! Really, try it!
Think of what you are doing for your body.
All those healthy sprouts and "good" fat from the nuts and avocado.
Maybe it would be good with some salsa mixed in the avocado...salsa isn't too terribly unhealthy is it?

~ Anna Marie


Emily said...

It's sounds better than it looks.. ha ha! I know my husband wouldn't go no where near it, but I MIGHT try it. Thanks for sharing,

Kate said...

you might try making the avocado into more of a guacamole with tomatoes.

Bea said...

You lost me at avocado and sprouts. Maybe the bread and just the almonds? =)

Emily said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes I do use adobe to create all of my headers and images for my blog.