rainbow mixing bowls

Wouldn't you say these are some of the
"happiest" bowls you have ever seen?

Something about them just makes
cooking that much better.

They are also lots of fun to take pictures of ;)

In case you are wondering, they are melamine.
You know that really hard plastic
that doesn't shatter when you drop it.

I love that stuff!

I found these at Sam's back in September.
I didn't get them the first time I saw them but then
I just couldn't get them out of my head.
I had to have them!

If you go to Flickr and search "rainbow bowls"
you will find other photos that people have taken of
their bowls and other similar dishes.

I wish they still had them.

These would make for a fun Christmas gift.


Lois said...

Hi Anna Marie.
I agree with you. Those bowls are just so pretty and bright.

momunderseige said...

Wow!! I would Love to have those bowls. They might make a reluctant cook want to cook :0)