mushroom hunting

Yesterday was my first experience mushroom hunting.

We found a sitter.
Put on our old clothes and shoes.
Loaded up the 4-wheeler.
Covered ourselves with Off.
And headed to the woods.

Within two minutes of hunting we found the six mushrooms pictured above.
We hunted for another 2 hours or so and never found another.
I had fun and also got a much needed work out.

~ ~ ~ ~

While out with John I found myself thinking back to our dating years. Often times we would load up his 4-wheeler and ride for hours out in the country. I miss that. It's crazy how busy our lives have become now that we are married and have a child. In no way do I regret getting married and starting a family, if anything it just made me realize that we need to remember to set time aside for us. I loved spending that time with him. He is my best friend and my lifetime companion. You have to make time for friends or your relationship deteriorates...our husbands are no different.

Do you try to set aside time with your husband?
What's your secret to making it happen?


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I've never been mushroom hunting. What's the purpose? What do you do with what you find?
I absolutely make time for hubbs and I. We make sure we have alone time. Kids go to bed early so mom and dad can just "be" together. We have date nights as well. We try to get out alone at least once or twice a month and every year we have a "mom & dad" mini vacation. We talk on the phone, leave each other silly emails and even text each other just to say "hey! I love you". It's the little things that really mean alot.

Anna Marie said...

Oh my goodness! You eat them of course! They taste nothing like other mushrooms you can buy in the store. Morels (the type we found) have never been able to be reproduced...no one knows how to grow them. They are so yummy! You have to soak them in salt water for a while and then we roll them in flower and salt and ten fry them till light brown. If you find a bunch you can sell them around here. I have seen where a brown lunch sack full goes for $30!!

I am impressed with all that you and your husband do. I think I should take some pointers from you ;) I don't have text but he does...I need to get it!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

wow. I love mushrooms and I've never even heard of this kind. In fact I had mushrooms in my dinner tonight...since the box was on sale, I was able to add more then usual :0)
I hope you and your hubbs make it a habit to make time for each other. I think so many couples forget to do that. I know for us, when we do make time, it reminds us of what attracted us to each other in the first place and allows us to re-connect.

the wild raspberry said...

ohhhhh....nothing better than fried morels!!! i am soooo jealous.
hope you savored every bite!

Kate said...

You didn't find any snakes? It isn't true mushroom hunting without that! LOL =-) We will have to go with you guys sometime. I heard how fun it was and saw the video.

Anna Marie said...

No! I just kept praying that I would not see any snakes! It would be so fun to go with you guys. We should do it next year for sure!


Hope you left some spores for another year! I haven't had morels for several years. One year we got the mother load! Oh so very delicious and a special treat! I wish they could grow in our gardens!