I am still here...I promise.

Addison came down with a virus that had me finding her every morning, for four days, covered in vomit. She was also having really bad diarrhea.

Then I got it.

It is amazing how much stuff doesn't get done when momma is sick. I am still trying to catch up.

For now...I leave you with this...Dr. Addison:


Emily said...

Oh wow! Hope you all get better soon!

♥B said...

I had that a couple weeks ago..ick! Now I just have the snotty head cold.

Nicol said...

I totally understand. We are going through some yuck here and I can't seem to get myself moving. Hope you all feel better soon!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I was wondering where you went off to. Sorry to hear Addison was ill, but sheesh! You too? Hugs to you all and hopefully that bug is lllooonnnggg gone!

Shirley said...

Hi You left a note on my blog and asked if I do live in St. Joseph, Missouri and the answer is yes. I liked the picture that were taken at Krug Park. I do a lot of hand of embroidery work which helps with the stress as I still work and I am a primary caregiver for my husband. What I do sell helps to pay for medication for him. Thank you for your inquiry and you have a cute little girl. They just grow up in a quick hurry. Shirley

Kate said...

I love the pic! Boo for the flu!