"The Destroyer"

I saw this picture on my friend's Facebook and immediately asked her if I could put it on my blog. What mama out there can't relate with this? I admit though, this is pretty bad. She said that when she walked in on him he said, "book". I think he wanted to read or somethin' :o)
Looking at it is sure cute but I would not want to be her.

He must keep you busy, Val! ;)


Anonymous said...

Oh, the memories. Reminds me of my oldest son when he was that age. He had so many books it wasn't funny. It was my fault because I bought them for him. Every time we went to the store he wanted a new book. Their not cheap. That's only half of it. He asked me to read to him all the time. Which I did. I read to him when I was washing dishes. I held him in one arm, he held the book, and I washed dishes and read. Crazy.

I was crazy about that child. I don't regret reading to him all day. He reads a lot now and is very smart. I read to both of my sons a Bible story every night. I prayed with them every night. I don't regret that either.

My sons room looked just like the one in the picture. His room was always a mess unless I cleaned it. Bad mom. Oh well, we can't all be perfect. We both lived through it.

Anonymous said...

I entered the wrong url on the last comment. Here is the correct one. I think. I'm new to this blogging. I really like the way you've designed your blog. Hope I can improve mine soon.