Toilet Love

This is Addie with Nana (my mother).

One day last week when playing at Nana's house, Addie looked up to Nana and kept pointing to her "area" and saying something to the effect (or is it affect -- that rule didn't stick with me for some reason) of "hmm, hmm" while also directing Nana to the bathroom.

Nana figured it out.

I was out running errands so I missed it, but was thankful that someone snapped a picture.

Now it is a game to her every time she goes to Nana's...she just likes sitting on the toilet...but that's it. No tinkles...just sitting. She's in love with the toilet, for crying out loud!

Side note: Notice the bruise on her cheek? Uh, yea, that one made momma cringe too. Fell right onto a concrete landscaping block :(

I will be announcing the winner of the coupon giveaway sometime tomorrow. For now, I am exhausted.


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